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The issues addressed by bio-era encompass a growing array of topics regarding the impact of human-induced change to biological systems -- and the strategic and economic implications for stakeholders in the bio economy.
Featured Reports
The Big Squeeze report cover   The Big Squeeze report cover   Genome Synthesis report cove  
Rising Waters: Helping Hudson River Communities Adapt to Climate Change
May 2009
  The Big Squeeze:
New Fundamentals for Food and Fuel Markets

June 2008
  Genome Synthesis and Design Futures:
Implications for the U.S. Economy

February 2007
Agricultural Biotech 2005 report cover        
Agricultural Biotech-
nology 2005: Regional Trends in Adoption and Acceptance

February 2005
  Biology and Borders: SARS and the New Economics of Biosecurity

U.S. Economic Impact of Advanced Biofuels Production: Perspectives to 2030 • February 2009

Biofuels and the Economic Crisis: A Good Sweating? • October 2008

The Global Bioeconomy in 2008: A Year of Living Dangerously? • January 2008

Spinning Straw into Gold?: The Global Outlook for Biofuels • February 2006

Issue Alert: Biofuels Trade Policies Stir Controversy: Near-Term Decisions Could Shape Future Trade Flows • June 2004



Monitoring, Surveillance and Response to Emerging Infectious Diseases: Opportunities for Public Private Partnerships • October 2008

Economic Opportunities and Benefits of Implementing One World-One Health Strategies for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention • September 2008

Economic Impact of Selected Infectious Diseases • August 2008

Avian Influenza Update: H5N1 in 2008 — Is a Now-Familiar Pattern Relaxing Pandemic Concerns? • February 2008

Thinking Ahead: Recent Advances in Mapping the Evolution and Spread of H5N1 • May 2007

H5N1 Update: What is Happening with the Virus and Countermeasure Developments? • January 2007

H5N1 Update: The Use and Value of Pandemic Plans • August 2006

Recent H5N1 Outbreaks: The Evolving Challenge of Defining and Communicating Pandemic Risk • June 2006

The Tanah Karo H5N1 Cluster in Indonesia: A Signpost Event? • May 2006

Countries to Watch • April 2006

H5N1 Avian Influenza: A Global Update of Recent Events • March 2006

H5N1 Scenarios: Economic and Evolutionary Implications of Recent Developments • March 2006

Assessing the Spread of H5N1: The Outlook for Turkey and Beyond • January 2006

Avian Influenza Update: Setting the World on Edge • November 2005

Economic Risks Associated with an Influenza Pandemic • November 2005

Avian Influenza: Situation Update and Scenarios Review • September 2005

Avian Influenza Update: Assessing the Pandemic Risk • June 2005

Thinking Ahead: Business Continuity Planning for an Avian Influenza Pandemic • June 2005

The Challenge of Corporate Pandemic Planning and Preparedness • May 2005

Avian Influenza: Using Scenarios for Pandemic Planning and Preparedness • April 2005

Thinking Ahead: Anticipating Early Impacts of an Avian Influenza Pandemic • March 2005

Thinking Ahead: The Business Significance of an Avian Influenza Pandemic • March 2005

Thinking Ahead: Using Scenarios to Understand the Risks of an Influenza Pandemic • March 2005

Biology and Borders — Avian Flu: Evolving New Approaches to Emerging Diseases • March 2004

McDonald’s Global Policy on Antibiotic Use in Meat Supply • October 2003

A Plague of Frogs: What Does the Battle over Atrazine Mean for Agriculture and Agrochemicals? • October 2003



Laying the Foundations for a Biotech Economy • November 2007

Blindfolded Economists and the Biotech Elephant: Estimating the Size of the Biotech Economy • November 2007

Crop Biomanufacturing — Part I: The Economic Opportunity • January 2004

Crop Biomanufacturing — Part II: Implications for the Farm Sector • January 2004

Rapid Advances in Enabling Biotechnologies: Implications for Biotech, Agriculture, and Food • April 2003

Agricultural Biotechnology at the Crossroads: The Changing Structure of the Industry • February 2003