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Our target private and public sector clients include major companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations with significant interests in the future of biological systems.

Major companies in the "bio-resource" industries -- crop production, livestock, poultry, commercial fishing, aquaculture, forestry products, horticulture, outdoor recreation, veterinary and human medicine -- seek to protect and enhance the value of the biological resources at the core of their endeavors, as do their major suppliers and customers—the biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, food, fiber, banking, insurance, tourism and healthcare industries. These large direct participants in the global bioeconomy are the principal private sector clients bio-era™ is designed to serve.

Government agencies at all levels -- from local and state governments up to national and international multilateral organizations -- also have complex interlocking regulatory, public policy, security, and legal interests at stake. The services provided by bio-era™ directly address the needs of these public sector constituencies for independent, authoritative research and insight on these complex issues.

Executives with non-profit organizations -- including conservation organizations, university research centers, charitable foundations, and environmental and public health advocacy groups -- also need to accurately understand and interpret how their constituencies, funding sources, and agendas will be affected by emerging biological knowledge and shifting policies and priorities.