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Advisory Board
Bio Economic Research Associates (bio-era™) is a leading provider of independent research and advisory services on the economic and societal impacts of human-induced change to biological systems. We help decision-makers understand the strategic and financial implications, how interests in bio-resource value-chains will be affected, and how stakeholders can adapt and respond. We provide independent and objective strategic insight, perspective, and knowledge.

Our Approach
Our approach is global, multi-disciplinary, pragmatic and value-for-service driven. We rely on the deep knowledge and experience of our people—an extraordinary network of industry experts, scientists, economists and others. We take pride in our independence, and we actively seek balanced objectivity. Our process is inclusive, iterative, and respectful of contributions from multiple perspectives.

Our Services
Our research and advisory services deliver strategic, decision-oriented insight and advice through bio-era's independent research coupled with direct access to our network of specialists. Our client relationships are highly interactive, and include opportunities for participation in bio-era conferences, scenario workshops, learning journeys, and other events that bring together diverse stakeholder groups with bio-era experts.