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Thinking Ahead: Anticipating an HINI Swine Flue Pandemic

In response, bio-era is launching a rapid response, multi-client service on the implications for business and the economy of pandemic influenza arising from the current outbreak of H1N1 — and how to adapt. The service is modeled on bio-era’s earlier Avian Influenza “Thinking Ahead” service, but will focus on emerging events and developments over the coming six month period, the implications for markets, industries and participating businesses, and evaluating response options.

Under the direction of bio-era President, Steve Aldrich, the service will deliver independent, expert tracking and analysis of the business significance of developments within a broader scenarios framework. The service will help participants better anticipate and respond to the impacts of an emerging pandemic. Specific service goals are to:

  • Inform participants on important business impacts of an H1N1 influenza pandemic

  • Identify the key implications for participants

  • Deliver a transparent scenarios framework suitable for interpreting the significance of unfolding events

  • Improve commercial decision-making within an environment of conflicting information, rumor and fear

  • Evaluate the significance of events as they unfold for selected markets, industries and participating companies